Yay! the happy couple

This just in! I just got off the phone with my sister who was wisked away by her fantastic boyfriend for a weekend retreat to Mt. Ranier, and guess what. That cunning man purposed to her! Of course she said yes, my sister wouldn't let all that stalking, obsessing, and hard work be for nothing. She's had her eye on this prize ever since she didn't practically one of the worst things a girl can do to her significant other...she gave him an ultimatum! A DAMN ULTIMATUM. She said she needed a ring before she'd move in with him and she said she needed it by september. My sister is a clever one. But I like Chris, I'm glad he's the one my sister got her meat hooks into. There's a very nice and *cough cough* romantic story to the whole proposal, but its confidential information that my sister has shared with me. Its in the vault and you'll only get it out of me if you know the combination. Anyways, Congradulations! Now i get a free flight to spokane and you can sure as hell bet I'm visiting friends. Big American Party! Fun Time For All!!!!

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