All Fact No Flavor

Recently I've been ravaging wikipedia during fact battles with my buddy online. Its astonding what I can occupy my mind with. It will usually start out with something I'm interested in like the SR-71 Blackbird (a jet that if it were socially acceptable I'd make love to) and then will branch out to something like the sound barrier or jet engines and by the end of my journey through wikipedia I'm reading about darkmatter and black holes. One of my greatest moments was when I was looking up seppuku and ended up at the hillarious www.realultimatepower.net reading about how to commit seppuku with a frisbee. I always enjoy broadening my general knowledge of useless trivia, some of my other friends are not as amused. Others tell me to shut up when I try to share, you know who you are.
I have a feeling sometimes scientists waste all their imagination on theories and then can't think of good names to call what they've created. Some of the most wacked-out crackpots in the science community had to get together to discover positrons (the antimatter equal of electrons) but when it came to naming a machine that slows down positrons the best that they could come up with is "positron deccelerator" come on guys, you can do better. something like Positronic Motion Reductinator.

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