summer lovin

I officially hate what my summer has become. Why in this world would anyone think that it should be the natural corse of life to grow up and stop sitting around all day eating snacks, playing make-believe, going on quests around the farm armed with sticks as swords, and taking the occasional afternoon nap. I still take the naps but not as often as I'd like too. My point is I want to be a kid again knocking the bails off the top of the haystacks and watching them explode when they hit the ground. Also I'm pretty sure I need a girlfriend. I'm getting so messy that the voice in my head is starting to call me a grubby bum. And if not a girlfriend at least someone to tell me to clean my room, do my laundry, and wash my damn dishes once in a while. I still don't have a new computer and that makes me a sad panda.


A rare case

It took me 3 hours to drive from Queens to Brooklyn after work today. If I had taken the right roads it would've taken me about 45 minutes. What can I say? Driving and I have a love hate relationship. I did notice one interesting thing in those three hours though. I've diagnosed myself with a very rare case of dyslexia. You know the directions that are spray painted on the road like "Fire Lane" or "Cars Only", well when you drive over them its the first word followed by the other and you think any normal human being would just read it regularly cuz the first word they see is what they would read first. But not me my friends, I read it the opposite since your read top down from a book I read top down on the road thus I read "Fire Lane" as "Lane Fire" or "Xing School." Yep. I have dyslexia.