Convo with a friend

This is what my friend and I had to say concerning the recent unveiling of the new name for the Nintendo Revolution.

Jake says: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Mike says: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Mike says: why in gods name?!
Jake says: fuckin Wii man
Mike says: whats wrong with this world jake
Jake says: wii is whats wrong
Mike says: I lost all urge to buy it
Jake says: hahaha
Jake says: come on dude
Jake says: lets wii it up
Mike says: dude that was suicide
Mike says: they obviously didn't have anyone intelligent on the American side that said
Mike says: uhhhhh
Jake says: hahaha
Jake says: "thats fucking retarded"
Mike says: "Dude lets go play wii man"
Jake says: hahaha
Mike says: "Hey man, did you remember to bring the wii over"
Jake says: "can't talk right now, i gotta wii"
Jake says: hahaha
Mike says: hahaha
Jake says: they must've been huffing glue or something and when the president came in and was all like "all right guys whats the name?"
Jake says: the first thing they said was "Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"
Jake says: while they were spinning in their chairs and sticking their fingers up their ass
Mike says: hahahaha
Mike says: they probably changed it because no japanese could pronounce the word revolution
Jake says: hahaha
Jake says: revorution
Mike says: dude what could possibly be a gayer name
Mike says: maybe Peep
Jake says: hahaha
Mike says: or Snuggyrumpkins
Mike says: haha
Jake says: hahahaha
Jake says: Dude i just got a Snuggyrumpkins
Mike says: hahahahahaha
Mike says: "SUHWEEET!"

There you have it. Revolution - cool, Wii - Snuggyrumpkins gay.


Render time

So I'm working on this sweet 3d model for one of my classes and I'm loving every part about it except for the rediculously long rendering times thats its taking. At first render time was long because of some complex lighting that the computer has to process but now I just added a reflective material so my render time has just skyrocketed. But this is beside the fact. The only thing you need to get out of that story is that I'm left with a lot of time on my hands while I'm waiting for the picture to render.

Since hearing that my sister's gotten engaged I've been contemplating the relationship aspect of my life. While I'm currently in a relationship slump at the moment I feel that going along with my "no regrets" motto lifestyle that I haven't had a relationship that looking back on it I would say it was a mistake. Right now I don't hold any anger or animosity towards my ex's, simply put our lives may have synced together for the few months of our relationships but eventually we were no longer on the same wavelength, so we went our seperate ways.

As far as the institution of marriage goes its not even a whisper of a thought in my mind right now. My sister getting married at 22 just blows my mind and that fact that her soon to be husband is the only guy that she's ever dated absolutely baffles me. I'm not saying that they weren't ment for each other and wont make a wonderful and happy couple, I'm just saying that thats never happens. I for one can't comprehend a world where I'm ready to get married before I'm at least out of college and have a career established. and I'm fairly certain that my first girlfriend won't be the one I'm marrying seeing how she's in Japan and I haven't talked to or heard anything about her in 6 years.

anyways moral of this story: too much time on my hands and I start thinking like a girl. what are these feelings, and why am I talking about them. I think its about time I just sit back, quit complaining and in the words of one of my favorite teacher "let it all.....happen."


Yay! the happy couple

This just in! I just got off the phone with my sister who was wisked away by her fantastic boyfriend for a weekend retreat to Mt. Ranier, and guess what. That cunning man purposed to her! Of course she said yes, my sister wouldn't let all that stalking, obsessing, and hard work be for nothing. She's had her eye on this prize ever since she didn't practically one of the worst things a girl can do to her significant other...she gave him an ultimatum! A DAMN ULTIMATUM. She said she needed a ring before she'd move in with him and she said she needed it by september. My sister is a clever one. But I like Chris, I'm glad he's the one my sister got her meat hooks into. There's a very nice and *cough cough* romantic story to the whole proposal, but its confidential information that my sister has shared with me. Its in the vault and you'll only get it out of me if you know the combination. Anyways, Congradulations! Now i get a free flight to spokane and you can sure as hell bet I'm visiting friends. Big American Party! Fun Time For All!!!!

Ah the cartridge

During a particularly deep session of going back and reviewing my life I remembered a little something that due to changing times is very rare these days. I'm talking about the etiquette concerning renting video games. These days you've got your memory cards and hard drives so its not an issue but back in the day of cartridge gaming each game only had a precious few number of save spots and unless you were a rich little prick you had to rent your games and follow the rules and guidelines of renting etiquette. It was a unspoken rule, but any and all hardcore rental gamers knew the rules. Simply put you never fucked with the save file that was farthest along ei. the highest level or the most time. The worst save file was always the one you could erase if you wanted to start your own new game, and you where hot shit if you could get past the best save file. Of course that's the only way you could be sure that when you rent it again next weekend file will still be there. There's a special place in hell for those that broke this unspoken rule.


All Fact No Flavor

Recently I've been ravaging wikipedia during fact battles with my buddy online. Its astonding what I can occupy my mind with. It will usually start out with something I'm interested in like the SR-71 Blackbird (a jet that if it were socially acceptable I'd make love to) and then will branch out to something like the sound barrier or jet engines and by the end of my journey through wikipedia I'm reading about darkmatter and black holes. One of my greatest moments was when I was looking up seppuku and ended up at the hillarious www.realultimatepower.net reading about how to commit seppuku with a frisbee. I always enjoy broadening my general knowledge of useless trivia, some of my other friends are not as amused. Others tell me to shut up when I try to share, you know who you are.
I have a feeling sometimes scientists waste all their imagination on theories and then can't think of good names to call what they've created. Some of the most wacked-out crackpots in the science community had to get together to discover positrons (the antimatter equal of electrons) but when it came to naming a machine that slows down positrons the best that they could come up with is "positron deccelerator" come on guys, you can do better. something like Positronic Motion Reductinator.


Oh the Irony

I was having a discussion with my friend today about donating blood when it dawned on me that while I can donate blood to approximately 86% precent of the human population since I'm O positive I can only recieve blood from someone whose either O positive or O negative. Believe me the irony is not lost on me. The only comforting fact is that type O is a realitively common blood type. Regardless I think I should start be judiciously selfish with my blood, maybe start up a reserve in my fridge Cosmo Kramer style.



So Today I was sitting around thinking about shit and I suddenly noticed one of the crazy quirks that I have. Everytime I'm explaining where someplace is to someone and I have to give a direction like north or south, in my head I always, always picture a map and have to say "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" for north, east, south, and west. I'm not a stupid guy...most of the time...I know my directions but I can never help it, its a reflex that I can't stop. I do it everytime I have to tell someone a direction. Along the same lines, if I have to tell someone right or left, I always have the thought "I write with this had so its my right and this one is my left" then I can give the answer right or left. I'm fucking nuts.

Also I remembered one of my favorite little facts last night. If Montana was to become its own nation right now it would be the 4th largest nuclear power in the world. Think about that the next time you make fun of Montana.


Doctor. Doctor.

I've decided there are few things in this world that can be a true test of your friendship with others. One of those is "stacking." I'll leave it at that. Maybe a few of you who read this will actually know what I'm talking about. Lets just say that you've got to be really really reeeeaaaalllllly good friends before you attempt a stack. Or your all disgusting degenerates. But recently I discovered something else that lets you know who your real friends are. And that's having a friend there to help you cut out a piece of glass thats been stuck in your arm when the doctors somehow missed it after you hit a truck at 60 mph 2 years ago. (see above picture). It was a truely bonding experience. And it wasn't so much that THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!! But more the fact that there was just someone else there to help me out cuz if I learned anything from my 2 failed attempts by myself its that you need more than one hand to dig out a small chunk of glass, also an exacto and tweasers help. The best part about it was that my friend couldn't stop from cracking up about it. It's not like I'm fishing around 3cm deep in my arm trying to find a piece of glass. But I wouldn't have had it any other way, cuz theres nothing like removing the last vestage of a bad memory from your body by laughing the whole way through it. Thanks again, I don't think I'll ever forget what happened on April 10th, 2006 ever.


I just remembered that back in the day my friend and I were driving past a picket line and I shouted out "GET A JOB!" Ahhhh the good ol' days.



I had just gotten done with tennis practice and was making my way to my locker to put my shit away. It was just my luck that right next to my locker there was dude in absolutely nothing but his birthday suit. In the whole fucking locker room its just me and this guy who chose that exact spot strip down to his scivies. All i wanted to do was throw my shit in the locker and get outta there, but I was so physically taken back that it took me THREE tries to get my combination right. I've now officially got my quota of man ass to hold me for a good long time. like the rest of my life.


Black Shuck

Today we lost our first tennis match of the season. It was non-conference so it doesn't really matter anyways, and I swear some of their players where over 30. I did manage to win my doubles match so its not all bad.
I've gotta put together a portfolio-ish collection of my work to show the Industrial Design departmen to see if I can switch majors and get out of this hell that is Architecture. So hopefullly I can stay busy getting that together and not succumb to a tempting whirlwind of laziness.


Frida and Andy

I was hanging out in my friends dorm room and she told me about this assignment she had to do comparing two different peices of art. I wrote this for her and said she should turn it in.

The Legend of Andy Warhol.

Frida Kahlo was a homely looking woman with a wicked unibrow that could stop even the strongest men dead in their tracks. The only man in the known universe with the power to stop Frida and her unibrow of terror was the fabled Andy Warhol. Andy had studied for years with the Tibetan monks in the holy temple of Hontalatoche. After years under the tutelage of the Man-who-has-no-name, Andy had perfected the art of the Art Deco, Frida’s only weakness. It’s multi colored attack made men’s heads explode. While Andy had been deep in meditation and study over the years Frida Kahlo was busy building an army of super brows. To the casual observer they appeared as simple self portraits of this diabolical mastermind, but each and every dastardly portrait was imbedded with the evil and hatred of the unibrow. Every portrait gave Frida more and more power over the little peoples of the world with the hypnotic powers that she was able to derive from them. Sensing an increase of darkness spreading across the world Andy immediately left his dojo on his glorious quest to stop the terrible Kahlo and rid the world of unibrows once and for all. Andy knew this would be no easy task and would constantly test what he was made of. Andy left a wake of splattered brains and grey matter belonging to the brainwashed cronies that made up Frida’s army of doom. The carnage that Andy had to go through would make large black men cry for their mommies. Collateral damage could not be helped as the casual observer would unwittingly gaze upon Andy’s Art Deco attack and immediately have his brain matter coat his surroundings. Andy regretted the unfortunate casualties but knew that they would be far less then the casualties resulting from tyrannical Frida rule, so he kept on, unleashing his mastered Art Deco technique on all who stood between him and the vicious Frida. Finally after months of bloodshed and despair Andy found himself face to unibrow with his ultimate enemy. Andy almost felt his wits escape him as he looked deep into the pit of despair that was that dreaded unibrow. Mustering every amount of courage and hope that he could he quickly fashioned the finest Art Deco attack that only years of highly disciplined practice could achieve. Frida let out a long low howl of anguish as her brains were turning to mashed potatoes inside her head. Andy could see the light at the end of this long blood drenched tunnel that he had been walking through for months. He could see the unibrow was struggling to retain its control over the scrambled mess inside Frida’s head. Seeing his opening Andy made a quick dash and unshealthed the holy razor that his master had entrusted with him before leaving on his epic journey. With one fluid movement of his wrist Andy sliced away the hair of evil on Frida’s forehead ridding the world of the devilish unibrow once and for all. Unfortunatly the damage done to Frida’s mind was irreversible so in an act of infinite mercy Andy beheaded his great foe preserving what honor Frida had obtained before falling to the dark side of the unibrow. Thus ends the tale of Frida and Andy.