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So I'm working on this sweet 3d model for one of my classes and I'm loving every part about it except for the rediculously long rendering times thats its taking. At first render time was long because of some complex lighting that the computer has to process but now I just added a reflective material so my render time has just skyrocketed. But this is beside the fact. The only thing you need to get out of that story is that I'm left with a lot of time on my hands while I'm waiting for the picture to render.

Since hearing that my sister's gotten engaged I've been contemplating the relationship aspect of my life. While I'm currently in a relationship slump at the moment I feel that going along with my "no regrets" motto lifestyle that I haven't had a relationship that looking back on it I would say it was a mistake. Right now I don't hold any anger or animosity towards my ex's, simply put our lives may have synced together for the few months of our relationships but eventually we were no longer on the same wavelength, so we went our seperate ways.

As far as the institution of marriage goes its not even a whisper of a thought in my mind right now. My sister getting married at 22 just blows my mind and that fact that her soon to be husband is the only guy that she's ever dated absolutely baffles me. I'm not saying that they weren't ment for each other and wont make a wonderful and happy couple, I'm just saying that thats never happens. I for one can't comprehend a world where I'm ready to get married before I'm at least out of college and have a career established. and I'm fairly certain that my first girlfriend won't be the one I'm marrying seeing how she's in Japan and I haven't talked to or heard anything about her in 6 years.

anyways moral of this story: too much time on my hands and I start thinking like a girl. what are these feelings, and why am I talking about them. I think its about time I just sit back, quit complaining and in the words of one of my favorite teacher "let it all.....happen."

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Viznich said...

Well for your information Chris was the only guy i dated exclusively, I fucked more men than I can count on two hands between freshman and sophomore year. I even had two fuck buddies at the same time. It was the best of both worlds until one got married and the other one wanted to marry my nextdoor neighbor. Some men just don't realize when they have a good thing going.