Done like Chirstmas Turkey

In about 1 week my summer vacation (and I use the term loosely) will be over. It'd be sooner except I get a few extra days because I'll be partying down with my sister out in the west as she begins the phase of her life where she's tied down to only one dick forever and ever. But come next Wednesday its all over. I'll be back in school redoing my sophmore year in a new and exciting major. If you've read my other posts you'll agree with me when I say that overall this summer sucked. I mean majorly sucked. Basically besides working at my old, stressful, depressing, and utterly horrible job, I didn't go out. I didn't go on any of the trips that I wanted to. My computer was broken for the entire summer. And I didn't even have any money to spend on myself because of stupid bills. yep It sucked. So maybe starting school is a good thing. I think it is.


Get to Work

So I'm posting this blog while I'm at work. The crazy part is that instead of working like I figured they would want me to my supervisor told me to take a break and get on the computer soley because they really can't find anything else for me to do at the moment. I guess I'm just too efficient at what I. But I find that hard to believe considering I just spent the last 4 days dragging out a 2 day project that consisted of me alphabetizing a file cabinet. I guess my slacking skills have become sub-par these days. Time to start training again, but I've got to be careful no make sure I separate between slacking at work and just plain being too lazy to go to classes. Cuz that didn't turn out so good when I tested it out last semester. I bet ten bucks that my supervisor's gunna tell me to go home at least 15 minutes early, she's the best. Ok, how much longer can I squeeze this break out? 5 minutes? maybe.

In other news my search for a significant other has been going swimmingly, as I'm currently engaged in ongoing conversations via telefono and that age old practice of letter writing with a member of the female pursuasion who is away working at a summer camp. If all goes according to my master plan when she gets back from camp I'll take her out. Nothing fancy, cuz I'm broke as hell. But something fun.

I'll close with one of my favorite demotivational quotes "Get To Work: you aren't being paid to believe in the power of your dreams."