Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Love ya and wish i could've sent ya something but you know, I'm destitute.

so here ya go.



Eating the same thing for more than two days will, I guarantee, give you the shits.

I have tested this and proven it to be true.


Domestic Violence

For some reason today I decided I'd kill some time by reading some news articles. I know news? not really my cup-o-tea, but I figured what the hell. Anyways I came across this story


and it made me laugh. I mean really people. Why are you bringing a gun with you in the first place and then what kind of argument are you getting into that makes you want to shoot the other person? I don't get it but it was hella funny to me. I think that makes me insensitive but this isn't anything new. hehe


Phone sex

Today I had a pretty tight schedule between sleeping in late, going to class, doing work, helping Jess with her homework, and design work there was hardly any time to have some good sex. So we had to multi-task, and by multi-task I mean I had to take calls while we were in the middle of some sweet sweet lovin. Normally I would ignore calls but these were important and I had to take them. At first I expected Jess to hop off while I took the call, but in the interest of keeping the mood going she just humped her way straight through the call, and the call after that. In her defense she didn't know about the second call. I wonder if the people I called knew what was going on. Lord I hope so.

Change in scenery

So looking back on my entries here I noticed that a number of them don't fall under the premise of what I started this blog for. so from now on I think I'm gunna write my funny stories here, and my sad depressing rants on my livejournal account. So only funny and or mildly amusing stuff will be posted here from now on.