inside my head

a few random thoughts today:

there are a lot of stray cats around the campus at my college, they're called the "Pratt Cats" and I've been here 3 years and have yet so see any Pratt Kitties. What the hell? I know that when you have like 20 stray cats stickin around the same area you should definitely have a yearly batch of kittens running around. Maybe all the chemicals that the art students use have created a breed of sterile super cats.

Sometimes I'll be wandering around the most decrepit parts of the school and when I walk into the bathroom its like I've gone through a portal into a completely different world. There are shiny marble counters, clean tiles on the walls and floors, spotless stainless steel stalls. I've found out where my tuition goes.

Coincidently the absolutely best bathroom on campus is hidden away in a corner under a flight of stairs.


So after sleeping in for a very reasonable amount of time. (though I was very upset with a boring but disturbing dream) I woke up this fine Saturday wanting to get off my lazy ass and do something. As luck would have it my friend Niki suggested that we do this "kayaking on the hudson" thing that she saw. Well, I love kayaking, so I was game.

We embarked on our voyage to the upper west side and found our way to the dock that was doing the kayaking. After signing our lives away and putting our valuables in a locker we got out on the water. It was a blast, even though we had to avoid this old curmudgeon who told me to "quit messin around" cuz i was "making trouble for everyone." whatever. old foggy just doesn't know how to have a good time. Anyways we paddled around the little area they gave us for about 40 minutes until we paddled back in, and smelling like the hudson river we started walking down along the river.

After about 30 minutes we came upon another little spot that was doing the same kayaking program and the 40 minutes before was hardly enough to quench my kayaking hunger so we singed the papers, stowed our gear, and hopped out on the water again. This little area had some nice waves that near the end I was able to ride towards the pier rather well and they gave me some nice speed.

Anyways the moral of this story is that I finally got out and did something in the city.

Also I took this.

5'x3' of pure transformers goodness.

so today was an awesome day.


Super Powers

I've decided that my ability to find, date, and fall for crazy chicks has gone beyond just being a coincidence. Its officially my superpower. Call me Captain Crazy Magnet. seriously, its like a 7th sense, my 6th one is smision.


Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Love ya and wish i could've sent ya something but you know, I'm destitute.

so here ya go.



Eating the same thing for more than two days will, I guarantee, give you the shits.

I have tested this and proven it to be true.


Domestic Violence

For some reason today I decided I'd kill some time by reading some news articles. I know news? not really my cup-o-tea, but I figured what the hell. Anyways I came across this story


and it made me laugh. I mean really people. Why are you bringing a gun with you in the first place and then what kind of argument are you getting into that makes you want to shoot the other person? I don't get it but it was hella funny to me. I think that makes me insensitive but this isn't anything new. hehe


Phone sex

Today I had a pretty tight schedule between sleeping in late, going to class, doing work, helping Jess with her homework, and design work there was hardly any time to have some good sex. So we had to multi-task, and by multi-task I mean I had to take calls while we were in the middle of some sweet sweet lovin. Normally I would ignore calls but these were important and I had to take them. At first I expected Jess to hop off while I took the call, but in the interest of keeping the mood going she just humped her way straight through the call, and the call after that. In her defense she didn't know about the second call. I wonder if the people I called knew what was going on. Lord I hope so.

Change in scenery

So looking back on my entries here I noticed that a number of them don't fall under the premise of what I started this blog for. so from now on I think I'm gunna write my funny stories here, and my sad depressing rants on my livejournal account. So only funny and or mildly amusing stuff will be posted here from now on.


Is this how it was? Its been awhile so I can't recall, but is it always just a continuing series of games? What are we testing hmmm??? You got me but I kinda don't like the path its goin down. Cuz I've walked it before.

Also. New tattoos!!!!

Stars on the elbow is something I saw like forever ago and have been wanting to do. Took forever to find a tattooist that wasn't a fucking little bitch about it telling me "oh its a really hard area to get to stay" or "its gunna be really painful" yeah I knew that but my friend had this awesome guy who was just like "shit yeah I'll do that, and come back for some free touch ups"
Love it!


We Don't Need No Water

My friends forced me to go see the nurse today due to the fact that a large burn that I got on Sunday night, which was doing fine Monday and Tuesday, took a wicked right turn into badsville this morning and appears to be severely infected. So I go see the nurse and she confirms the suspicions. Infection, and prescribed me some antibiotics to take for 10 days. She also gave me a wicked huge ace wrap so now it looks like I had major surgery on my arm or something.

But the burn story aside, tonight is Whitney's senior show and our first tennis match of the season. Also a bunch of Whitney's friends are in town so I think there will be a party tonight. If so I'm saying fuck school and livin it up.