Comp Stomp

So friday after being all excited to get done with work and have my big birthday weekend I came home and started playing around on my computer. But my happiness was quickly estinguished when my computer decided to have a cataclysmic failure. The problem wasn't you run of the mill restart and fix problem this was some major shit. Apperently my hard drive is destroyed cuz it wouldn't even let me wipe the drive and reinstall windows. so now I am without a computer and wont be on everyday living my online life like I did before. At least not until I get a new desktop. Cuz I see this as a perfect excuse to get a desktop. Now if anyone wants to get a hold of me their gunna hafta give me a call. Piece out bitches I need to find ways to occupy my time without my awsome computer.


10 seconds

today I had the pleasure of working for a little bit on the roof of a 51 floor high rise in Manhattan. As I looked over the edge I wondered how long it would take to hit the bottom if you jumped. My guess was that it would take roughly 10 seconds, which, is not only enough time to reach terminal velocity (I'm not really sure but it sounds cool) but I figured in that 10 seconds that would give me enough time to vomit, piss and crap my pants at the same time, and finally accept the inevitable. If I ever did find myself falling 50 stories I'd have to turn around so I'd hit facing the sky. I just couldn't handle seeing the sidewalk right before I hit it. On the other hand If I did face the ground there's a chance I could direct myself to take out someone else with me. I think in 10 seconds I could pick a target. Also on my journey home I saw a couple things that I find disgusting.

-Chicks with bigger feet than me. Yes, I saw them and the were huge and gross

-People who's knees touch but their thighs don't. Mostly found in women but I'm sure I'd be just as disgusted seeing a guy with the same problem.

Birthdays in a few days and I already got myself a fat birthday cigar. Also I'm gunna go to the Airshow on Sunday. WaaHoo!!


Work is Hell

I think a large majority of any of the summer blogs I have the engery to do are gunna basically be me complaining about how much my job sucks ass. This jobs first problem: I have to start at 6:30 in the morning, so in ordert to get to work at this rediculous time I usually end up staying up all night after I've napped the rest of my day away. Now my schedule is awake from midnight to 7ish and passed out the other half.

here are the highlights from yesterday:

-first 6 hours of work spent riding shotgun as me and another guy drove to the bronx to dump scrap metal. The driver bought me breakfast too since I'm destitute.

-while riding, a bus went by with a advertisement for vacation in Istanbul so I got the They Might Be Giants song Istanbul (not Constantinople) stuck in my head for a little while

-since I don't have any money I didn't have lunch and spent my 30 minute break napping.

-spent the afternoon shoveling up broken concrete next to a fucking jackhammer. The noise almost made me vomit.

-stopped working at 4:30 and wasted 15 minutes before signing out so I could round up to 5:00

alright, thats done. basically my day was full of dynamic karma -Great job in the morning, ball busting job in the afternoon. On a lighter note I saw this enourmous black guy that was walking around with his own folding chair and the driver and I had a laugh talking about how maybe he needed a diet instead of a folding chair.


Blue Collar Man

When you have to wake up at 5:30 for work its a good bet that your days gunna suck. Mine was no exception. What started out good with seeing a hot chick jogging when I went to get coffee, and driving around Manhattan to a different job site took a pretty wicked turn when I found out I'd have to work with the one item in this world that I despise most of all. Fucking fiberglass insulation. I despise that shit so much I had to hold back a gag reflex when I first touched it. This was followed by about 2 hours of scrapping shit followed by another 2 hours of wiping glue off a wall. I LOVE WORKING. Pretty sure getting my ass pounded by a certain Mr. Hill would be less gay than today. The best part is that I get to do basically the same menial, sanity destroying labor tomorrow, and the next day, and all next week!!! Suck my balls capitalist america.

At least I'll sleep well since I'm so fucking exhausted. This is important for me when I have to wake up at 5:30 again. If god shines his grace on me it'll rain tomorrow and I don't have to go, which will give me an opportunity to register for classes finally.

Whitney hasn't been online for a while, and she's always online. Thinkin about giving her a call just to see if she's still got a pulse.

edit: also the guy I worked with called me James all day. And i've got a correction for the second paragraph. I'm not sleeping well. YAY! keeping fingers crossed for lots of rain.


Summer Time, and the livin is easy

So tomorrow will officially be the beginning of my summer vacation, but vacation is a very, very, very misleading term. I think it would be better described as my summer journey into depths of boredom that no man has ever ventured to before. I'm not looking forward to working myself ragged to pay the accumulation of bills that I've managed to skillfully aquire. Aside from a few small moments of exceeding joy that I have planned for over the summer I predict its going to be a mind numbing pattern of work and sleep.

With school out that means lotsa people are going back home and this included basically my best friend on the east coast. We had quite an adventure together over this past school year and yesterday I said goodby for the summer to Whitney. It felt like I was saying goodby to my life long friends back in Montana,when I started my journey over here to the east coast, all over again. But as one of the pockets of joy in this summer I will be wisking my way up to Syracuse and raising hell all over the town with her. Luckily before she left we got to hang out a lot and I got a batch of cookies to make the parting ways easier. I put a handful in a bowl and added milk and it was delicious, unfortunatly there was only enough for two bowls worth. I'll have to get a refill.

Let this summer of terrible debilitating, mind-numbing tedium and boredom begin!


the TA that wasn't

This last semester I was asked by my old media professor to TA for his class. Having nothing better to do with my thursday nights and friday morning I said sure. For the first 3 or 4 weeks I was AWSOME, coming in multiple times a week to held the kids get a grip on the software and what the professor was looking for. After that things took a sharp nosedive. I still showed up thursday nights to give some encouraging words here or a few suggestions there. But I realized when you ace a class by essentially taking the half-assed way out you don't really learn a boatload that you can used to assist others. And now with their final about 15 minutes from now I feel myself going back on my word that I would be there for my final. I don't really feel to bad. Most of the kids don't care and are just glad to get the fuck out for the summer. I don't really care either cuz I just put in an entire night of organizing MY media work into a wonderful portfolio. So good luck guys, I'm taking a nap.


Ramble Ramble Ramble

So due to my actions in the past I now find myself in the middle of an epic quest to write about 20 pages worth of assignments within this week. Luckily I have been endowed with phenomenal powers of the Ramble. What are ramble powers you ask. Well, simply put I can bullshit any essay assignment. 7 pages you say no sweat. Ramble powers allow me to turn about a paragraphs worth of material into 4 pages of pure printed gold. This week will be a good refresher since I've let my powers lay dormant for most of this semester. They were rusty and took a little extra coaxing to get into full gear earlier. But now i'm a steamrolling essay writing machine. You wish you had my god like Ramble power.