Work is Hell

I think a large majority of any of the summer blogs I have the engery to do are gunna basically be me complaining about how much my job sucks ass. This jobs first problem: I have to start at 6:30 in the morning, so in ordert to get to work at this rediculous time I usually end up staying up all night after I've napped the rest of my day away. Now my schedule is awake from midnight to 7ish and passed out the other half.

here are the highlights from yesterday:

-first 6 hours of work spent riding shotgun as me and another guy drove to the bronx to dump scrap metal. The driver bought me breakfast too since I'm destitute.

-while riding, a bus went by with a advertisement for vacation in Istanbul so I got the They Might Be Giants song Istanbul (not Constantinople) stuck in my head for a little while

-since I don't have any money I didn't have lunch and spent my 30 minute break napping.

-spent the afternoon shoveling up broken concrete next to a fucking jackhammer. The noise almost made me vomit.

-stopped working at 4:30 and wasted 15 minutes before signing out so I could round up to 5:00

alright, thats done. basically my day was full of dynamic karma -Great job in the morning, ball busting job in the afternoon. On a lighter note I saw this enourmous black guy that was walking around with his own folding chair and the driver and I had a laugh talking about how maybe he needed a diet instead of a folding chair.

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