the TA that wasn't

This last semester I was asked by my old media professor to TA for his class. Having nothing better to do with my thursday nights and friday morning I said sure. For the first 3 or 4 weeks I was AWSOME, coming in multiple times a week to held the kids get a grip on the software and what the professor was looking for. After that things took a sharp nosedive. I still showed up thursday nights to give some encouraging words here or a few suggestions there. But I realized when you ace a class by essentially taking the half-assed way out you don't really learn a boatload that you can used to assist others. And now with their final about 15 minutes from now I feel myself going back on my word that I would be there for my final. I don't really feel to bad. Most of the kids don't care and are just glad to get the fuck out for the summer. I don't really care either cuz I just put in an entire night of organizing MY media work into a wonderful portfolio. So good luck guys, I'm taking a nap.

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