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Its been awhile since I've updated this sucker. I wouldn't say a lot happened. But stuff has happened. Mostly good stuff. I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first. I seriously am the worst person at keeping track of how much money I have in my checking account. three times now I've gone to get some money and overdrawn my account. Sucks balls. Alright the good stuff. As a friend put it I met a girl "through the power of myspace bulletins" I had met jess once before I think when she came to a random party at my apartment at the beginning of last semester. Pretty sure we talked a little cuz i remembered her saying a lot about working at home depot. Yeah well anyways 4 months later she sends me a little message responding to one of the many bulletins I do out of boredom on myspace and I was like "hey home depot girl" so I answer back propositioning that we should hang out and thats all she wrote. Went and saw the Reno 911 movie yesterday and it was tits.

Phew! I just got an email from my tennis coach that said there was practice today and i was like Oh dear god i don't wanna practice cuz i thought we didn't have it today. But luckily I just got another email correcting his mistake and there is no practice tonight! I WIN!!!

It should of been a snowday today...



Some words are just terrible all by themselves. For example: Cyst. There's nothing good going on there the C and the Y are like polar opposites locked in an epic battle of phonetic destruction. And then that st on the end is really bringin it down. Theres also the actual meaning of the word that just destroys all hope. Like herpes. Maybe before it was a case of burning sores on your genitals, herpes was a happy word.

I bet a lot of people look at the word tumor and think of it as an unpleasant word but I don't because when I was little my grandpa had gotten a tumor in his brain, but since I couldn't remember the word tumor I would always say tulip. like asking why grandpa had a tulip in his brain. So now when I see or hear tumor I still think tulip.

yeah well, I thought it was funny.

Every panda that won't screw to save its species

I want to destroy something beautiful.

Right now I am just so done with people I'm afraid I might do something very irrational. It takes me a good 10 minutes each morning to center myself and get ready to deal with a bunch of people that I just want to fucking end.

I'm done with people complaining about stupid shit

I'm done with people acting like ridiculous r-tards

I'm done with people that refuse to think about others

I'm done with people overreacting

I'm done with people taking everything too seriously

I'm done caring

I'm just fucking done.

I need something more than this to vent though. I can just hear myself screaming as loud as I can in my head. I want to punch something. hard. I wanna put all my frustration and anger in one fist and destroy something.

and now I'm done posting.