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Its been awhile since I've updated this sucker. I wouldn't say a lot happened. But stuff has happened. Mostly good stuff. I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first. I seriously am the worst person at keeping track of how much money I have in my checking account. three times now I've gone to get some money and overdrawn my account. Sucks balls. Alright the good stuff. As a friend put it I met a girl "through the power of myspace bulletins" I had met jess once before I think when she came to a random party at my apartment at the beginning of last semester. Pretty sure we talked a little cuz i remembered her saying a lot about working at home depot. Yeah well anyways 4 months later she sends me a little message responding to one of the many bulletins I do out of boredom on myspace and I was like "hey home depot girl" so I answer back propositioning that we should hang out and thats all she wrote. Went and saw the Reno 911 movie yesterday and it was tits.

Phew! I just got an email from my tennis coach that said there was practice today and i was like Oh dear god i don't wanna practice cuz i thought we didn't have it today. But luckily I just got another email correcting his mistake and there is no practice tonight! I WIN!!!

It should of been a snowday today...

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