Some words are just terrible all by themselves. For example: Cyst. There's nothing good going on there the C and the Y are like polar opposites locked in an epic battle of phonetic destruction. And then that st on the end is really bringin it down. Theres also the actual meaning of the word that just destroys all hope. Like herpes. Maybe before it was a case of burning sores on your genitals, herpes was a happy word.

I bet a lot of people look at the word tumor and think of it as an unpleasant word but I don't because when I was little my grandpa had gotten a tumor in his brain, but since I couldn't remember the word tumor I would always say tulip. like asking why grandpa had a tulip in his brain. So now when I see or hear tumor I still think tulip.

yeah well, I thought it was funny.

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