Semester molester

I've just begun my 6th semster in school, which, barring any further changes to my major marks the second half of what will be my college experience. So how was the first half you ask? Well I give it about a 6 outta 10. On the plus side I got out of a crappy small town, got away from the parentals, and just got out more than I did back in the day. I constantly feel that had I gone to a state school that certain aspects of my college experience would've been better ei. I would've gotten more ass. But thats the price I pay for my college choice. I'm not saying there haven't been golden opportunities that I've completely fucked up 5 ways to the weekend. I'm just saying that maybe with a bigger student body and a smaller percentage of wack jobs, those opportunities might have come along more often so that I wouldn't fuck them all up. But what can ya do. This second half of college has me pretty stoked though. opportunities are on the horizon and all JP Morgan has to do is seize the day. So I'm gunna get off this computer and start seizing.