10 seconds

today I had the pleasure of working for a little bit on the roof of a 51 floor high rise in Manhattan. As I looked over the edge I wondered how long it would take to hit the bottom if you jumped. My guess was that it would take roughly 10 seconds, which, is not only enough time to reach terminal velocity (I'm not really sure but it sounds cool) but I figured in that 10 seconds that would give me enough time to vomit, piss and crap my pants at the same time, and finally accept the inevitable. If I ever did find myself falling 50 stories I'd have to turn around so I'd hit facing the sky. I just couldn't handle seeing the sidewalk right before I hit it. On the other hand If I did face the ground there's a chance I could direct myself to take out someone else with me. I think in 10 seconds I could pick a target. Also on my journey home I saw a couple things that I find disgusting.

-Chicks with bigger feet than me. Yes, I saw them and the were huge and gross

-People who's knees touch but their thighs don't. Mostly found in women but I'm sure I'd be just as disgusted seeing a guy with the same problem.

Birthdays in a few days and I already got myself a fat birthday cigar. Also I'm gunna go to the Airshow on Sunday. WaaHoo!!

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