Summer Time, and the livin is easy

So tomorrow will officially be the beginning of my summer vacation, but vacation is a very, very, very misleading term. I think it would be better described as my summer journey into depths of boredom that no man has ever ventured to before. I'm not looking forward to working myself ragged to pay the accumulation of bills that I've managed to skillfully aquire. Aside from a few small moments of exceeding joy that I have planned for over the summer I predict its going to be a mind numbing pattern of work and sleep.

With school out that means lotsa people are going back home and this included basically my best friend on the east coast. We had quite an adventure together over this past school year and yesterday I said goodby for the summer to Whitney. It felt like I was saying goodby to my life long friends back in Montana,when I started my journey over here to the east coast, all over again. But as one of the pockets of joy in this summer I will be wisking my way up to Syracuse and raising hell all over the town with her. Luckily before she left we got to hang out a lot and I got a batch of cookies to make the parting ways easier. I put a handful in a bowl and added milk and it was delicious, unfortunatly there was only enough for two bowls worth. I'll have to get a refill.

Let this summer of terrible debilitating, mind-numbing tedium and boredom begin!

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