inside my head

a few random thoughts today:

there are a lot of stray cats around the campus at my college, they're called the "Pratt Cats" and I've been here 3 years and have yet so see any Pratt Kitties. What the hell? I know that when you have like 20 stray cats stickin around the same area you should definitely have a yearly batch of kittens running around. Maybe all the chemicals that the art students use have created a breed of sterile super cats.

Sometimes I'll be wandering around the most decrepit parts of the school and when I walk into the bathroom its like I've gone through a portal into a completely different world. There are shiny marble counters, clean tiles on the walls and floors, spotless stainless steel stalls. I've found out where my tuition goes.

Coincidently the absolutely best bathroom on campus is hidden away in a corner under a flight of stairs.

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