Done like Chirstmas Turkey

In about 1 week my summer vacation (and I use the term loosely) will be over. It'd be sooner except I get a few extra days because I'll be partying down with my sister out in the west as she begins the phase of her life where she's tied down to only one dick forever and ever. But come next Wednesday its all over. I'll be back in school redoing my sophmore year in a new and exciting major. If you've read my other posts you'll agree with me when I say that overall this summer sucked. I mean majorly sucked. Basically besides working at my old, stressful, depressing, and utterly horrible job, I didn't go out. I didn't go on any of the trips that I wanted to. My computer was broken for the entire summer. And I didn't even have any money to spend on myself because of stupid bills. yep It sucked. So maybe starting school is a good thing. I think it is.

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