first weeks

today marks the end of the first week of my third year in college. It wasn't a whole weeks cuz I was away for my sisters wedding which was bitchin'. Anywho, It went as good as any of my first weeks of school have gone I guess. After 4 long months I've been able to hang out with one of my best friends and that makes me happy. But for some reason I find myself just wanting to wallow by myself here in my hermit hole. hopefully this feeling goes away, I think its just a product of me being single for way way way too long. That means its time to lower my standards, like so low they're just this side of unbearable. Also I'm spending too much money. Saving is not a talent that I have mastered yet and its about time I start. Too bad I've got a ton of bills to pay and things that I NEED to buy in order to survive. But what can you do.

Goals for this semester

- less than 3 absences in my classes

- good grades so I bring my gpa back up

- wake up and be on time for all my morning classes

- find a girlfriend

-cure cancer

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Chicletmuncher said...

yes I'll be tied down to one dick but it's really really really good dick. It didn't start out that way though I had to train it for about 3 months. Your problem with women is that you cater your life to them. You need to play hard to get. Enjoy the time you get to be a bachelor and not have some bitch walk all over you. Also take a shower twice a day and do something about that foot odor. I massage and use a foot file on chris's feet about three times a week. keeps the foot odor and rot at bay.