boredom is the catalyst of creation

so I've been sitting around these past couple of nights with nothing to do since my homework is realitively light, well at least its lighter than what it was in architecture, (ID is a peach) anyways I've been fidling around in 3d Max and made this creation

Just a little bike that I'll be using in the first animated adventure of Samuri Smiley.

Yesterday I was a total retard and missed my design class because I slept in. It was so stupid cuz I had totally done all the work and more and was excited to present and everything, but no, my lazy ass has to sleep in till 11:30 after deciding at 8:00 that "another 30 minutes will be ok" so now I've got to find my professors email and send a letter of apology. Fuck my ass I don't want to be doing stupid things like this again this semester.

still working on one or all of those goals from earlier...

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