Ah the cartridge

During a particularly deep session of going back and reviewing my life I remembered a little something that due to changing times is very rare these days. I'm talking about the etiquette concerning renting video games. These days you've got your memory cards and hard drives so its not an issue but back in the day of cartridge gaming each game only had a precious few number of save spots and unless you were a rich little prick you had to rent your games and follow the rules and guidelines of renting etiquette. It was a unspoken rule, but any and all hardcore rental gamers knew the rules. Simply put you never fucked with the save file that was farthest along ei. the highest level or the most time. The worst save file was always the one you could erase if you wanted to start your own new game, and you where hot shit if you could get past the best save file. Of course that's the only way you could be sure that when you rent it again next weekend file will still be there. There's a special place in hell for those that broke this unspoken rule.

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