Is this how it was? Its been awhile so I can't recall, but is it always just a continuing series of games? What are we testing hmmm??? You got me but I kinda don't like the path its goin down. Cuz I've walked it before.

Also. New tattoos!!!!

Stars on the elbow is something I saw like forever ago and have been wanting to do. Took forever to find a tattooist that wasn't a fucking little bitch about it telling me "oh its a really hard area to get to stay" or "its gunna be really painful" yeah I knew that but my friend had this awesome guy who was just like "shit yeah I'll do that, and come back for some free touch ups"
Love it!


We Don't Need No Water

My friends forced me to go see the nurse today due to the fact that a large burn that I got on Sunday night, which was doing fine Monday and Tuesday, took a wicked right turn into badsville this morning and appears to be severely infected. So I go see the nurse and she confirms the suspicions. Infection, and prescribed me some antibiotics to take for 10 days. She also gave me a wicked huge ace wrap so now it looks like I had major surgery on my arm or something.

But the burn story aside, tonight is Whitney's senior show and our first tennis match of the season. Also a bunch of Whitney's friends are in town so I think there will be a party tonight. If so I'm saying fuck school and livin it up.


Some Saints Day

So what did I dude this St. Patrick's Day? I drank. I don't know how much Irish I have in me, but I'm certain that all of it is concentrated in my liver. So I drank cuz thats how you celebrate st. patty's day. Also I went and saw the 300 on Imax. Fucking incredible. I'm mean seriously. It was amazing, so amazing in fact that I feel like going to see it again. This time I think I'll take Jess. Expecting her to get in tomorrow around 4 which might be close to the time that I wake up tomorrow. But as enjoyable as having Jess back will be I think it'll be dampened by the fact that yet another spring break has come and gone. But at least I did something with this break instead of crawl into my hermit hole and drink myself retarded. I still drank. But not alone. And that makes me a happy Panda.


Touch me

I don't know if its the feeling of spring thats in the air or something in the water cooler today but for some reason in the 2 hours that i've been working here I have been touched 3 seperate times. I'm not complaining its just something that struck me as odd. Cuz for as cramped as the office is that I work in, everyone is pretty cautious when it comes to personal space. Come to think of it this is the first time that I can remember being physically touched by the ladies I work with. Isn't that odd. I've been working here for like 7 months and this is the first moment I can recall having physical contact with some of the people I work with. curious. Anyways. I came in for a half day of work today because I didn't feel like getting up at 8:30 this morning. Which is rediculous cuz I think I was up anyways getting a drink for the dry mouth I had from drinkin a six pack last night. good stuff.

Tonight I believe I'm goin into the city with Whitney to check out a bitchin japanese book store and so she can buy this wicked pair of boots she's had her eyes on. I don't think I'll drink tonight cuz I want to get in a full day of work tomorrow. But I believe St. Paddys day is coming up so I'll be soused for that. I'm thinkin of drinkin all day, cuz its always fun.


Holding Patterns

Here's what i'm doing today.

Right now - working. and by working I mean i'm doing everything except work. well thats not true, I'm doing a little work. But mostly I'm wasting a large portion of my time on the internets. What am I doing on the internet. Nothing special, message boards, myspace, facebook, jess's livejournal, this. Its all gravy.

Later - probably wasting more time. I think after lunch I'll play are large amount of solitaire on the computer. Not really feelin lucky so I probably wont win any games.

Even Later - tennis, during my god damned break. I think its just gunna be me and one other guy though so coach makes us do the whole workout i'm gunna be super pissed.

Latest Tonight - watching tv, and NOT masturbating. My hand is in a constant holding pattern over my pants though just waiting for the moment to strike. but I won't let it. The reward sounds too good. I am worried however that something might happen when I sleep, the subconcious can be pretty powerful sometimes.


2 weeks

Spring break coming up, and just like every year before this one I'm doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well something. I'm gunna work. woooo! But the money will be good cuz right now I'm fairly certain I'm hella overdrawn on my bank acount and thats not good.

I was sitting in bed earlier trying to think of things I could do over the break. I need to keep my mind occupied so I don't end up abusing myself. Jess doesn't think I can go the whole week. I'm sure I can as long as I keep busy. And I was promised a good prize if I make it, so I got that incentive working for me. I think I'll finish my painting that I've been working on for about 5 months.

Thats about it. Excited about the 300 might go see in over the break.