Touch me

I don't know if its the feeling of spring thats in the air or something in the water cooler today but for some reason in the 2 hours that i've been working here I have been touched 3 seperate times. I'm not complaining its just something that struck me as odd. Cuz for as cramped as the office is that I work in, everyone is pretty cautious when it comes to personal space. Come to think of it this is the first time that I can remember being physically touched by the ladies I work with. Isn't that odd. I've been working here for like 7 months and this is the first moment I can recall having physical contact with some of the people I work with. curious. Anyways. I came in for a half day of work today because I didn't feel like getting up at 8:30 this morning. Which is rediculous cuz I think I was up anyways getting a drink for the dry mouth I had from drinkin a six pack last night. good stuff.

Tonight I believe I'm goin into the city with Whitney to check out a bitchin japanese book store and so she can buy this wicked pair of boots she's had her eyes on. I don't think I'll drink tonight cuz I want to get in a full day of work tomorrow. But I believe St. Paddys day is coming up so I'll be soused for that. I'm thinkin of drinkin all day, cuz its always fun.

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