Holding Patterns

Here's what i'm doing today.

Right now - working. and by working I mean i'm doing everything except work. well thats not true, I'm doing a little work. But mostly I'm wasting a large portion of my time on the internets. What am I doing on the internet. Nothing special, message boards, myspace, facebook, jess's livejournal, this. Its all gravy.

Later - probably wasting more time. I think after lunch I'll play are large amount of solitaire on the computer. Not really feelin lucky so I probably wont win any games.

Even Later - tennis, during my god damned break. I think its just gunna be me and one other guy though so coach makes us do the whole workout i'm gunna be super pissed.

Latest Tonight - watching tv, and NOT masturbating. My hand is in a constant holding pattern over my pants though just waiting for the moment to strike. but I won't let it. The reward sounds too good. I am worried however that something might happen when I sleep, the subconcious can be pretty powerful sometimes.

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