Some Saints Day

So what did I dude this St. Patrick's Day? I drank. I don't know how much Irish I have in me, but I'm certain that all of it is concentrated in my liver. So I drank cuz thats how you celebrate st. patty's day. Also I went and saw the 300 on Imax. Fucking incredible. I'm mean seriously. It was amazing, so amazing in fact that I feel like going to see it again. This time I think I'll take Jess. Expecting her to get in tomorrow around 4 which might be close to the time that I wake up tomorrow. But as enjoyable as having Jess back will be I think it'll be dampened by the fact that yet another spring break has come and gone. But at least I did something with this break instead of crawl into my hermit hole and drink myself retarded. I still drank. But not alone. And that makes me a happy Panda.

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