The End

So with the semester's end nigh upon me I've been looking back at those goals I made for myself at the beginning. And if I'm lucky I'll have done one of them. And it isn't the girlfriend one. Not for a lack of trying though. I think I'm in the wrong environment to find one though. Its like I'm hunting for polar bears in south africa. Lets do the math. I believe my school student body is like 60% female, now thats a good number. But lets add in all the factors that are working against me.

one: some of those chicks already have skeezy boyfriends. that reduces it to like 40%.

two: I go to an art school so a lot of the chicks are just incredibly fucking weird. like mohawk weird. so i'm at like 30% now

three: some of the chicks are just fucking ugos or bahemoths. 20%

four: I'm too picky for my own good. 10%

five: lesbians. 5%

so there you have it. 5%!!!! that's all i've got to work with here. and a good portion of that five percent are just newly single or newly on the market so i get shafted by the whole "they've been hurt before and don't wanna rush anything". fuck me. also you chicks out there are fucking nuts and don't know a good thing when I walk by. thats a fact. deal with it. sex me up.

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