All Fired Up

So a lots happened since my last post. I believe. Can't really remember what that last one was about but I'll start with this. My old asshole of a boss that made life absolutely miserable for me fired me 2 weeks ago. Ironically I was going to quit that job quite soon anyways. He just beat me to the punch. It wasn't a big deal cuz by the next tuesday I'd already found a new job. Less pay, but oh god is it a better job. here are the perks

-one hour lunch break that I get paid for

-my hardest job is alphabetizing a stack of papers

-my supervisor is the nicest woman ever

-when there's not enough work to do my supervisor sends me home early but has me sign out with my regular hours

all in all I'm in job heaven. One other perk that I just remembered is that I can continue this when I start school and just go to part-time hours. so to sum it up, out with the crappy job with a fuck-face of a boss, in with rich chocolately goodness.

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