Curiosity will kill her

My cat will eat the oddest things. She's a big fan of Corn Pops and pretzels. She enjoys the occasional Wheat Thin as well. She won't eat ravioli's but will lick sauce out of the bowl when I'm done. She won't eat raw sausage, but as soon as it's cooked she's in my lap trying to tear it off my fork. Not a fan of eggs though. curious.

Edit: I forgot she loves the sauce, a little amaretto on her catfood and she's in little drunk cat heaven.


Random thought 1

While I was sitting in my world civ class today my mind began to drift. I thought about what it would be like to be a hitman and what my first kill would be like. I imagined that I would feel a certain rush, similar to the one you get when your on the trail of a wild animal, followed by severe regret for wiping out the existence of another being. Then I rationalized that hitmen are usually hired to snuff out bad dudes anyways so the world isn't a worse place without them there. I think I need to day dream about healthier topics.